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“If you know Atlas, you know this is good. I dont even have to explain the quality of their work. Staying up to date is my job, and I really rely on Atlas. Their commitment to providing a fair and inclusive platform for political discourse is truly commendable. With articles that explore diverse opinions, (a)political has become my trusted companion for navigating the complex world of politics. A must-read for anyone seeking a balanced understanding of current affairs!”

Steven T.Naval Officer (USNA '22)

“A True Gem in Political Reporting: I've been searching for a reliable and unbiased source of political news, and Atlas News' (a)political newsletter has exceeded my expectations. The content is meticulously curated, offering a diverse range of viewpoints that help me understand different political ideologies. It's a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by partisan narratives.”

Jack HoynerPrivate Equity Associate

“I have always struggled to find a reliable source of political news that presents a balanced view without any bias. Atlas News' (a)political newsletter has been a game-changer for me. It provides comprehensive coverage of political events from all perspectives, allowing me to form my own opinions based on a well-rounded understanding. I appreciate the intelligence practices they employ to gather information. It's truly refreshing to have a trustworthy source like Atlas News in this era of divisive politics.”

Albert BFidelity

“In an era of polarization, Atlas News' (a)political newsletter stands out as a beacon of objectivity. The newsletter maintains a remarkable equilibrium, showcasing differing perspectives without leaning towards any particular ideology. As someone who values an unbiased approach to politics, I find (a)political to be an invaluable resource for gaining a well-rounded understanding of current events.”

Chris Browning USMC Vet

“Impartial and Refreshing: Atlas News' (a)political newsletter truly lives up to its name. It presents a balanced perspective on political issues, providing a comprehensive overview that is free from bias. As someone who values fair reporting, I appreciate the effort put into presenting both sides of the story. Keep up the great work!”

John Sargeant Following Atlas since the telegram days!

“Yo, gotta give a shoutout to Atlas News' (a)political newsletter! As a political staffer hustling in the trenches, I've gotta say, this thing is a lifesaver. The newsletter breaks down both sides of the political game in a chill, laid-back manner that's easy to digest. It's like having a non-judgy conversation with your favorite bartender, where you can hear different opinions and make up your own mind. Keep it real, Atlas News!”

Julio Freshman Staffer To Anon Congressman