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Good morning everyone,

This week has been anything but uneventful in politics with Former President Trump ascendant. His double-digit victory over former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has all but cemented his nomination for the Republican Presidential race, even though Haley has stated she will push forward. We then go to the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has flip-flopped on whether to compromise on the border deal being hashed out. We continue with President Biden’s Administration celebrating large growth of the U.S. economy, along with other positive economic factors. Finally, Texas Governor Abbott continues using his national guard at the border, in spite of the Federal Government and Supreme Court.

In today’s edition:

  • Stock Watching/Poll Updates

  • Trump Trounces Nikki Haley in NH

  • Mitch McConnell Creates Confusion over Border Deal

  • Former Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Sentenced to 4 Months in Jail

  • Texas Border Crisis Worsens after SCOTUS Ruling


  • BREAKING: Kayshon Boutte has been arrested for allegedly betting on sports while in college.

    • We have seen members of Congress spend millions of dollars this year betting on companies that they directly oversee.

    • No charges have been filed in DC.

  • Here's some math. So far this year, Representative Nancy Pelosi has made ~$780K off of her Nvidia options trade.

    • We are 25 days into the year. $780K / 25 days = $31,200 / day

  • Tesla stock fell in after hours after releasing earnings.

  • The government has announced it is partnering with Nvidia on a new AI research program.

    • Nancy Pelosi recently bought up to $5M of Nvidia call options.

  • Senator Tommy Tuberville has predicted that Baltimore will beat San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

    • Tuberville is one of the most prolific stock traders in Congress.

  • Representative Blake Moore just sold off almost his entire stock portfolio. We have published reports on Moore's trading of options contracts in the Chinese tech company Alibaba.

  • US lawmakers just called for a crackdown on Zyn nicotine pouches.

    • Zyn is owned by a company called Phillip Morris.

    • Representative James French Hill recently sold up to $250K of Phillip Morris stock.

  • JUST IN: US Representative Michael Burgess has bought stock in Exxon Mobil.

    • Burgess sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

  • US Representative Josh Gottheimer recently bought stock in Palo Alto Networks.

    • Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity company.

Trump Trounces Haley in NH

(Photo - Sam Wolfe/Bloomberg)

January 23, 2024 - Former President Trump has cruised to another success in the New Hampshire Primaries. The final tally puts him approximately 10 percent higher than Nikki Haley, at fifty-four percent to Haley’s fourth-four percent. Trump throughout the primary was lobbing insults at Haley, calling her a “birdbrain” and saying that the New Hampshire primary rules, where independents could vote for either Republican or Democratic candidates, is considering cheating. Haley traveled throughout the state after the Iowa Caucuses, trying to gain any sort of coalition to combat Trump. She failed.

.Haley came into New Hampshire, where she was gaining momentum and could burnish her moderate reputation to attract independent voters who could tip the election to her side. She gained the endorsement of Gov. Chris Sununu, and wanted to use former Gov. Chris Christie’s withdrawal from the race to gain his voters. She played much of her campaign safer then she used to, where her staffers prevented reporters from asking questions and her attendees were also prevented. This was to prevent another campaign gaffe which could distract the campaign.

.After the primary win, Trump was exasperated that Haley vowed to continue. He said that he does not get angry, just gets “even.” He claimed, without evidence, that Sununu was on drugs because of how hard he campaigned for Haley. He then did not stop after the celebration, calling her delusional on Truth Social. The road for Haley seems to not have an end-goal. South Carolina, according to polls, has Trump above Haley by approximately thirty percentage points.

Mitch McConnell Creates Confusion over Border Deal

(Photo - Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

January 25, 2024 - Republican Senators Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has had to backtrack on a claim that the border deal would not go through because former President Trump wants to campaign on the issue. During a Republican Caucus luncheon, Punchbowl News reports, McConnell told colleagues that he would scrap the deal. He reportedly said that the “politics of this have changed.” While his allies did not deny the state of politics during a presidential election year, where any bipartisan policy win could be used by President Biden to show effective leadership, and removing a key argument from Trump.

McConnell is dealing with the fact that he wants to continued military funding to Ukraine, which the Republican conference is firmly against. In order to get the funding, he has to compromise and have a border security deal added on top of it. The actual text of the bill is reportedly either almost complete or still being debated between Democrats and Republicans. The bill would already be hard during an election year, but Trump’s politics and his dominance among the Republican Party make Ukraine funding hard to justify.

Former Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Sentenced to 4 Months in Jail

(Creator: Jose Luis Magana | Credit: AP)

January 25, 2024 - Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro was sentenced to 4 months in jail for defying a court ordered subpoena to testify about the events of January 6. In September Navarro was convicted on two counts of refusing to testify and provide documents to Congress. The charges carry a mandatory sentence of 1 month in prison but federal prosecutors sought 6.

U.S. District Judge Amit P. Meha handed down the sentencing and told Navarro his “executive privilege is not a get out of jail free card” and that he “chose allegiance to former President Donald Trump over the rule of law”. The judge also handed down the sentence with a $9,500 fine attached. Immediately after the sentencing Navarro appealed. Assistant U.S. Attorney John Crab said “the defendant believes he is above the law, but no one is above the law”.

The prosecutors and judge both claim that Navarro had a duty to report to Congress and intentionally made the investigation harder.

Texas Border Crisis Worsens After SCOTUS Ruling

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

January 25, 2024 - Texas and Federal Border Agents have been in a standoff over the 47-acre tract of land called Eagle Pass where razor wire was installed by the Texas National Guard. The United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, decided that border agents are allowed to remove the barbed wire set up by the national guard. However, the national guard did not vacate the area and continued to put out more wire in different areas across the river.

Since then, the national guard has held control over key crossing points on the border in an effort to curb the high number of people crossing from Mexico into the US, something that Texas Governor Greg Abott has been extremely critical of the federal government in mishandling.

There have been calls for President Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard to end the standoff and take back control of the border. However, many Republicans have remained supportive of Greg Abbott and his decision to keep the guard active. A few states have sent detachments of their own national guard to assist Texas.

Although tensions in D.C. are high, discussions are being held to resolve the situation without federalizing the guard. Lawmakers on both sides have been trying to agree on a policy for months and have been unable to find common ground.

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