(A)Political Newsletter - Volume 34

(A)Political Newsletter - Volume 34

Good morning everyone,

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to this week and the Volume 34 of the (A) Political Newsletter! This week we have Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announcing her withdrawal from the Republican presidential primaries. We have a recap of Super Tuesday and another of President Biden’s State of the Union speech. Let’s jump right in.

In today’s edition:

  • Quiver Quantitative’s Stock Watcher

  • Nikki Haley Withdraws from Presidential Race

  • A Recap of Super Tuesday

  • President Biden Gives his State of the Union


  • Rep. Maxwell Frost is the first member of Generation Z to serve in Congress.

    • He has released his first financial disclosure as a Congressman.

    • It showed that he owns no assets.

    • His largest source of income in the past year was $3,039 from working as an Uber driver.

  • It’s bizarre that there hasn’t been media coverage of this.

    • Last week, I posted a report on a suspicious trade I noticed from a U.S. Senator.

    • Senator Tina Smith bought up to $250K of stock in a company called Tactile Systems.

    • Since then, the stock has risen over 43%

  • BREAKING: Representative Cory Mills just announced his support for a ban on congressional stock trading.

    • We have not seen Representative Mills trade any stock while in Congress.

  • BREAKING: Representative Matt Gaetz just gave a speech addressing congressional stock trading.

    • "Fire your financial advisor - just follow the Quiver Quantitative account on X"

  • thics Committee Chairman Michael Guest has actively traded energy stocks while in Congress.

    • He sits on an energy subcommittee. In the NFL, betting on other sports gets you a suspension.

    • In Congress, betting on companies you directly oversee gets you an ethics chairmanship.

Nikki Haley Withdraws From Presidential Race

(Photo Credits - Tom Brenner/New York Times)

March 6, 2024 - Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has announced she will withdraw from the GOP Presidential primary, as the last woman and bulwark standing against former President Trump. Haley tried to do everything in her power to make a dent in Trump's hold among the GOP. However, she could only muster wins in Washington D.C., and Vermont. Haley, according to all political pundits, ran an effective campaign. She used commercial travel, in comparison to Gov. Ron DeSantis who used private jets. She also was did not invest into television advertisements until absolutely necessary to conserve money. Her debate performances were always the best of the night, and that alone vaulted her to the front of the pack. She was able to use her place as the last rival remaining to have many wealthy donors give her millions of dollars in funding, further allowing her campaign to continue.

The one problem was Trump. Trump's enduring popularity among the GOP and the ineffectiveness of finding an attack line from any of his GOP competitors. Early in the campaign, she tried to tacitly condemn him, but during the debates, she committed to endorsing him even if he were convicted of a crime and won the nomination. However, as she became the last woman standing, her flattery turned into condemnation. She constantly attacked Trump and his movement, provoking him into outbursts on social media. She was able to carve out a large chunk of anti-Trump Republicans this way, winning twenty to forty percent in states, while Trump typically recievied two-thirds and above. While this did show Trump’s dominance, it also showed political pundits that Trump’s coalition continues to suffer from a lack of moderate support, which President Biden will try to capitalize on. Haley made history as the first Republican woman to win a presidential primary, with those wins in Washington D.C., and Vermont. All eyes will be on her to determine how she will navigate Republican politics and if she will run for President in 2028.

A Recap of Super Tuesday

(Photo - Elijah Nouvelage /Getty Images)

March 5, 2024 - The U.S. had the Super Tuesday primaries, where some political fortunes, such as Haley’s, were decided. Let us recap some of the most important parts.

In Texas, incumbent Republicans were put to task, where many of those who were conservative but not fervently right-wing, or those who supported Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment for corruption, had to fight for their political lives. A large portion of those Republicans were voted out of office. In national politics, Rep. Colin Allred will be the Democratic nominee to take on Sen. Ted Cruz.

In California, Rep. Adam Schiff effectively will cruise to win California’s Senate seat after elevating a Republican in the state’s jungle primary system. Since California is such a Democratic state overall, he will most likely win.

Nationally, Both Biden and Trump almost swept their respective states. Biden lost in American Samoa to a little known contender, while Trump lost both Washington D.C. and Vermont to Haley.

President Biden Gives his State of the Union Speech

(Photo - Shawn Thew/AFP via Getty images)

March 7, 2024 - President Biden gave his annual State of the Union speech and tried to provide a forceful contrast between him and former President Trump. While walking into the chamber Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, wearing a MAGA hat, tried to give a pin about Laken Riley. Riley was a Georgia nursing student allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant. Conservatives have frequently used her murder to push for harder immigration policies.

Biden started his speech with foreign policy, continuing to push for more funding to Ukraine and alarming about threats to European security. He then transitioned to the January 6th Insurrection without directly implicating former President Trump by name, calling him by “my predecessor.” He then transitioned to abortion rights, where he said he “will restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again.” Abortion rights and threats to democracy are going to be key campaign pitches against Trump. He then transitioned to his economic record, proclaiming how many jobs were made under his leadership and directly praising the UAW leader, Shawn Fain. He continued on to talk about his administration's efforts to grow equality, by lowering prescription and rent prices. He then spoke about how his administration decreased inflation to about three percent, trying to push back against another key vulnerability.

The President continued by pushing hardline immigration policies, another key weakness going into 2024. He chided Republicans for refusing to support the bipartisan border and global funding bill. Biden is trying to flip the script on the Republicans for their denunciation of his border policies. Biden ended his speech by making jokes about his age, again trying to find ways around a major weakness going into the Presidential Election.

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