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Good morning everyone,

This week was debate week, and what a debate it was. Trump was noticeably absent, giving the other candidates an opportunity to impress the American public. There are no new polls this week to report, but we do have some insider stock information to share. Let’s get to it.

In today’s edition:

  • Trump arraigned in Georgia Court

  • Republican debate candidate points


  • Cathie Wood sold Nvidia stock at the end of 2022, missing out on returns of over 200%.

  • US Representative Kathy Manning bought Nvidia stock at the end of 2022, making returns of over 200%. The zero-sum (C/K)atherine theory remains undefeated.


  • The US government sued Elon Musk's SpaceX for allegedly discriminating against refugees in hiring.


  • Our data shows that Representative Josh Gottheimer owned up to $11M worth of $MSFT call options at the start of this year. Since then, $MSFT has risen 35%. While he is a member of the House Subcommittee on Capital Markets, he also owns millions of dollars worth of options.

    • Representative Gottheimer has claimed that his portfolio is run by an independent advisor. It is also worth noting that he previously worked for Microsoft, possible that his ownership of options has something to do with that former role.

    • On July 19th, Rep. Gottheimer sold stock in the financial services company Ayden, $ADYEY.

      • On August 16, Ayden announces low earnings, and the stock falls 40%.

      • Gottheimer sits on the Financial Services Committee.


  • MacKenzie Scott has donated $97 million to 17 nonprofits through her Yield Giving fund this year.

    • Nearly half of the donations went to early childhood education and development charities.

    • Scott has now given a total of $14.1 billion to at least 1,621 charities since 2020.


  • US Representative Daniel Meuser has sold up to $790K of his Nvidia stock holdings, $NVDA, so far this year.

    • He had up to $1.5M at the start of this year. Nvidia is releasing earnings tomorrow.


  • Sen. Tuberville bought $60K of $HUMA on 7/25 Last week, $HUMA announced it treats combat injuries in Ukraine. $HUMA is up 25% since Tuberville happens to sit on the Armed Services Committee.


  • Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed legislation banning defense officials from owning stock in defense contractors. This, however, wouldn’t stop politicians from profiting off of defense contracts. Our data shows 70 congressmen holding defense stocks.


  • Senator Thomas Carper sits on the Senate Finance Committee. He has traded up to $2.5M worth of assets this year.

Trump Arraigned, Mugshot taken in Fulton County, GA

(PHOTO - Win McNamee/Getty Images)

August 24, 2023: Former President Trump was formerly arrested for his alleged attempts to overturn the 2024 election in Georgia. His plane’s descent and arrival in Fulton County were heavily reported on by the media. He used the event to lambast the media and the Democrats for what he sees as a political attack. His mugshot, the first ever taken of a U.S. president, was heavily publicized by both his campaign team to raise political donations and his opponents to decry his maneuvering.

Trump faces 13 counts in Georgia under the criminal statute RICO, which is frequently used against organized crime figures. Other co-defendants include his former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, among others. Among the court orders, he had to pay a $200,000 bail and agree to a court order limiting his usage of social media as a way to prevent witness or jury interference. His current court date is still unknown since Trump’s lawyers filed a motion against Fani Willis’ proposed trial date.

First Republican Primary Debate Candidate Profiles

Absent from the graph is Asa Hutchinson who is currently polling below 1%. (Photo - Fox News)

On Wednesday, the Republican Debate took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The stage held eight hopeful candidates with very different approaches to how they would run the country. Former President Donald Trump was noticeably absent from the debate, despite leading in the polls.

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis’ approach was neither aggressive nor quiet. Despite being the strongest contender on stage, he didn’t engage much; however, most of what he did say was met with applause by the crowd. He ran on a very pro-US policy, with his main points being strong national security and border protections. He’s also been repeatedly attacked by Trump over the last few months.

  • Former senator and current Governor of Florida

  • Second place in polls behind Donald Trump

  • Light performance overall with minimal arguing

  • Popular positions, received lots of applause. Invoked his family and veteran status

Vivek Ramaswamy

Taking an aggressive and charismatic approach, Ramaswamy was out to prove himself in his first appearance before 99% of voters. Despite going toe-to-toe with several other candidates, he held his own and got his points across. He offered the loud and in-charge kind of approach that Donald Trump is famous for, both with toned-down rhetoric and arguably more conservative positions.

  • Entrepreneur, not a politician. Author of Woke Inc.

  • 38 years old, youngest candidate on stage

  • Gaining popularity recently as a break-away candidate

  • High energy - roll with the punches style, going head to head with Pence and Christie several times

  • Clear and controversial positions, such as cutting funding to Ukraine and revising the US relationship to Israel

Tim Scott

He had a relatively quiet performance, not engaging much with the other candidates. He played heavily into his platform and has one of the most humble backgrounds, coming from a lower-income single-mother household.

  • Current senator of SC

  • Reducing inflation and securing the border

  • Has his Senate colleagues support

  • Respectful and reserved throughout the debate

  • Stood firm on Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-worker issues

Nikki Haley

She did well to fall back on her experience at the United Nations during the Trump administration, showing her as one of the most experienced candidates on stage. However, she also held the most moderate position on abortion compared to other candidates, and she was hesitant to talk about former President Trump but was quick to advocate for spending money to ensure Russia doesn’t win the war in Ukraine.

  • Former ambassador to the UN and former Governor of South Carolina

  • Tough stance on China and Russia

  • On-off relationship towards Trump

  • Strong, resolute, and heavily pro-woman performance

Doug Burgum

His strategy seemed to be one of "a return to normalcy", where he spoke with conviction but remained reserved and polite. His main positions revolved around energy independence and stopping a Chinese-Russian alliance.

  • Governor of North Dakota

  • Strong on economic strength, energy independence, and revised national security in the face of threats from China and Russia.

  • Reserved, gentlemanly-like approach

Mike Pence

Pence employed fiery, Trump-like attack tactics all night, speaking over other candidates and using strong rhetoric. He also drew heavily on his experience as Vice President and his time in Washington, DC. His positions echo traditional Reagan-era conservatism the most.

  • Former Vice President to Donald Trump

  • Major support with the Christian Evangelical base, invoked God several times

  • Opposed Trump on Jan 6

  • Most anti-abortion candidate

  • Brutish and aggressive debate strategy

Chris Christie

Despite boasting one of the most successful political records on stage, Christie became the brunt of several moments in the debate during heated exchanges, primarily between him and Ramaswamy. At one point, the crowd was booing so long that the moderators stepped in and had to grapple with the situation. Christie remains the most anti-Trump candidate and portrays himself as the most able to cross the aisle and work with his Democratic counterparts.

  • Former New Jersey Governor

  • Trumps biggest critic

  • His ability to turn a Blue state to Red has been a big part of his campaign

  • Loud and aggressive debate tactics

Asa Hutchinson

Hutchinson did not have many good or bad moments in the debate. His positions maintained economic recovery, education revision, and worldwide competition. Echoing the more traditionally conservative approaches of the Reagan-Bush era, Asa Hutchinson is vocally anti-Trump.

  • The former Arkansas Governor

  • Anti-Trump based on his indictments and immorality

  • Says he is confident Trump won’t be the party’s nominee.

  • Polite but determined approach

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